Deadmau5 declares bigger and better show production for 2014Deadmau5 101

Deadmau5 declares bigger and better show production for 2014

Outside of his vocal industry musings, trolling the status quo and a slew of new material through Soundcloud, the absence of Deamau5’s cutting edge live escapades has not gone unnoticed across the industry. But having hinted at further technical upgrades surrounding his rare stint of shows at Hakassan Las Vegas, the Canadian electro heavyweight has confirmed that 2014 would see him push the boundaries of his infamous live performances past that of even his newly adapted Mau5bots.

Zimmerman told The Toronto Star: “I’m building a new tour. For much later, (in) 2014. And of course it will have to manage to trump the ‘Cube’ show. I could absolutely just slap the Cube back together and ball it up, but I’m in that mentality where I want to keep one-upping the show. So obviously, the bigger the production, the more time you have to sit down with the team and iron it all out technically and financially and all these kinda things. So it’s, like, a ‘lay low, make some new music and do your residency to pay the hydro bills’ kinda thing.”

Though set to make a rare homeland appearance at Veld Music Festival on August 4, no further details have been established regarding the specifics of his impending production upgrades. One thing is for certain: if the mau5headed producer can put his money where his mouth is, we may be about to see the Mau5 reclaim the throne of live dance music for 2014.

Via The Toronto Star

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