Deadmau5 trolls commercial dance music with ‘Drop Da Bomb’Ultra Deadmau5 E1364537921709

Deadmau5 trolls commercial dance music with ‘Drop Da Bomb’

After a very public debate with Afrojack about dance music’s lack of creativity, Deadmau5 took to his studio to troll EDM’s current influx of uninspired drivel with his own banal take on festival music, debuting the appropriately titled “Drop Da Bomb” on his Soundcloud yesterday.  Following up on Daleri’s “Epic Mashleg,” a minute long 16-track mash up that pieced together a handful of Beatport chart toppers into a blur of repetitive and nearly synonymous builds and drops, Joel takes it one step further and creates 40-seconds of the least inspired music he could muster. The most unsettling truth exposed from this whole debate? The fact that if Joel had finished and released this track, it would quickly find its place a top the Beatport charts.