deadmau5’s Soundcloud continues to buzz, uploads ‘Nowhere Fast 02’ and ‘Turbo CartPig Racer’

Deadmau5’s production tear continues with his latest Soundcloud uploads “Nowhere Fast 02” and “Turbo CartPig Racer.” Both tracks are almost identical and build off of yesterday’s “Going Nowhere Fast” with “Turbo CartPig Racer” appearing to be the most polished product of the lot. Paying homage to the internet sensation Minecraft in the track’s title, today’s nearly 7-minute upload is driven forward by 16-bit arpeggios that shuffle and shift amidst gritty electro kicks. It’s a dreary soundscape of haunting chordplay and buzzing engines that bear a striking resemblance to┬áthe French touched soundscapes of Kavinsky’s art-fueled electronica.