Duck Sauce – It’s You (The Remixes)Duck Sauce Its You Remies1

Duck Sauce – It’s You (The Remixes)

After coming out of a year-long hiatus to unleash “It’s You” on the world, Duck Sauce is making up for lost time with a larger than life remix package. Serving up the tune seven different ways, the house hit now has a progressive beat, two electrofied versions, and even a hip-hop remake to ensure it fits into every set, every time. Ridiculous, Chris Lake, Gregor Salto, LiL TExAS, Pascal & Pearce, Suicide Kings and DJ Snake all gave the tune a spin, giving plenty of chances to find the “It’s You” for you. With over an hour of reworked Duck Sauce magic, the package should hold you over until the super duo debuts their next big thing.

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