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Escapade Music Festival 2013: The who, what, where, when, and whys of day three

Above & Beyond brought Group Therapy to Canada on day one, and Steve Angello closed out the RA Centre grounds on day two, but the third day of Escapade Music Festival surpassed the peaks of the average dance music weekend with Tiësto, Quintino, Alvaro, and others celebrating Canada Day in the nation’s capital. With over 100,000 people flooding the streets, the Dutch House Mafia declared a piece of Ottawa for themselves and delivered the party to match the fireworks and festivities of its host country. In the nation’s capital for its biggest holiday, Dancing Astronaut presents the 5 Ws of Escapade Music Festival — who, what, where, when, and why from day three.


Who: Tiësto

The main attraction not only for the weekend, but for Canada’s Independence Day, had the country’s most dedicated dance music fans flooding gates in downtown Ottawa. Escapade Music Festival carved out a piece of the city for thousands of fans, all of whom came to celebrate with the godfather of EDM. Fresh off the release of Club Life Volume 3, Tiësto brought its accompanying anthems to the forefront of the party with monster tracks such as his own “Take Me” and Alesso’s ” If I Lose Myself” remix as highlight drops. Within the mix, Tijs gifted Canada with classics, as “Lethal Industry” and “Adiago For Strings” sealed the deal on what was perhaps the biggest 90 minutes of the year for Canadian fans.

Tiësto – Take Me (Original Mix)


What: Robots

The weekend’s premier production came not in the form of the over-the-top light arrangements, fireworks, or champagne showers, but in living form with giant robots. Lit in neon from head to toe, nearly ten-foot-tall robots took the tage during the final moments of Quintino’s set, equipped with C02 guns. The pair blasted cold air into the crowd in sync with music and even blasted some back in the DJs direction. At the same time a handful of their mechanized counterparts provoked the front of the crowd with flame throwing guns, creating a robotic war of production that represented the weekend’s greatest climax.


Where: Downtown Ottawa

There could be no better place to spend a nation’s holiday than in its capital and on Canada Day Ottawa was bursting at the seams with every inch covered by party-goers. Parliament Hill had over 100,000 suited in red and white for a memorable fireworks show, the nearby Byward market had thousands more flooding the streets, and smack in the middle, Escapade Music Festival set up shop to host an even greater celebration in the proximity of a parking lot turned rave grounds.


When: Canada Day

In America, Independence day is known simply as The Fourth of July. In Canada, Independence Day is proudly dubbed Canada Day. The biggest day of the year in the nation had citizens and dance music fans alike in a care-free chaos from morning to midnight. Escapade and its attendees moved from the RA Centre grounds to downtown Ottawa to recreate the affair in the most festive fashion possible. There is no better day of the year for people to dance and jump with their favorite electronic acts, and on Monday, Dutch DJs at Escapade gave Canada Day its greatest celebration.


Why: Why did the Dutch House Mafia take over Canada’s biggest weekend?

Escapade Music Festival hosted a slew of hometown acts and Canadian artists this past weekend, and national DJs such as Charlie Darker and Joe Ghost warmed up fellow Canadians leading to the night of their biggest holiday. When the sun set on Ottawa, the Canadian DJs took a back seat, and a squad that has become known as Dutch House Mafia went back-to-back-to-back to provide the music and spectaculars of the year. Alvaro kicked off the evening fresh off the release of “Welcome To The Jungle,” Quintino continued with on-stage antics that stole the spotlight, and Tiësto sealed the deal on the greatest party of the year.

Alvaro & Mercer – Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)

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