Escapade Music Festival 2013: The who, what, where, when, and whys of day twoIMG 9542gDA

Escapade Music Festival 2013: The who, what, where, when, and whys of day two

On Sunday morning, after the first day of Escapade Music Festival and its after parties came and went, the city lay in an eerie calm. The early morning sun rose on the final day of the festival, enticing fans to quit their snooze button routines as they rallied for the weekend’s deepest day. With no shortage of talent, highly demanded artists were billed across the main stage and the bass stage (formerly the tech stage) for twelve hours of partying that would come to a close when the clock struck Canada Day. From Deniz Koyu to Markus Schulz and from Seven Lions to Crookers, heavyweight headliners and big-dog supporting acts left not one minute to be spared. In the nation’s capital for its biggest holiday, Dancing Astronaut presents the 5 Ws of Escapade Music Festival — who, what, where, when, and why from day two.


Who: Steve Angello

There was fun to be had and laughs to be shared all afternoon long with animated, interactive artists and performers. When Steve Angello touched down on the main stage at 10pm, however, Escapade attendees knew to take what they were about to witness seriously. While smiles, dancing, and the good times that accompany dance music continued, Angello brought the most impressive set, musically, to Ottawa on Sunday. Attacking the boards and drifting through unidentified bangers (presumably future Size releases), Steve showed little sign of Mafioso influence. Highlighted by his drum-savvy Wayne & Woods collaboration, “I/O,” and unreleased tunes such has Norman Doray’s “Troublemaker,” much remained up his sleeves by the time the crowd had been won over.

Following an hour of unrelenting progressive house, Steve had fans on Cloud 9 with “Don’t You Worry Child,” and the Canadian audience showed an appreciation for the record that I’d never before seen in the States. Steve hit pause before the lyrics hit and the endless sea of fans belted out the lyrics without hesitation, putting on a sing-a-long that rivaled the one that happened that very same moment during the final Swedish House Mafia show. Steve said goodbye after 90 minutes, only to reemerge for an encore, cloaked in a Canadian flag, he unleashed “Leave The World Behind” and a brief medley of anthems.


What: Josie of Candyland’s afro

Steve Aoki has his beard. Avicii has his flannel. Josie of Candyland has her afro. As the co-ed Californian duo begin a climb to popularity, the personalities of Ethan and Josie begin to grow on fans. Together as Candyland, the quirky two-some perform as much as they do DJ, drawing crowds in with some of the most entertaining routines since the cake-face and champagne shower. Putting on a show for the books at Ottawa this weekend, many fans left the Bass Stage ready to claim that Candyland had stolen the spotlight. As they ascend and become known for their live interactions and trap remixes, Josie’s super-sized afro is a signature characteristic that embodies their care-free attitude, and after day two Escapade, it is on the brink of becoming the next Avicii flannel.

Knife Party – LRAD (Candyland’s OG Remix)


Where: Main Stage

From the moment the sound switch was turned on, the main stage hadn’t gone without thrill. With opening sounds from 3lau and Liquid Todd, not even a last-minute cancellation from Hard Rock Sofa could put the massive structure to rest. By 4pm, the main stage landscape of dry-mud and hay had become a machine, churning out attendees — from the casino towards the back, to the front row, and everywhere in between. Deniz Koyu had energy high at 5:30 and it wouldn’t die until the RA Grounds’s curfew. Arty followed with one of the unanimous fan-favorite sets of the day, Markus Schulz was greeted to an exceptionally warm Canadian welcome, and Benny Benassi had fans on their toes for the closing act of Steve Angello.


When: 3pm, an event-changing set from 3LAU

During the early-afternoon hours of Escapade’s second day, the grounds were relatively subdued as attendees were still hopping out of bed and gearing into recovery mode. Just after 3pm, Justin Blau took the decks, also shaking off sleep deprivation — both for himself and for the party. The main stage crowd began to grow larger with every drop, every transition, and every minute. Catering to the audience fresh on their feet, 3lau catered to their needs, delivering a set that had all in attendance awake once again. Highlighted by “Escape,” his first original production that has already climbed to number three on Beatport’s Top 10 chart, 3lau was dashing across stage showering the front rows in champagne by 4pm. By the time he handed the decks over to Deniz Koyu, he had changed the aura of day two and brought life back to the RA Centre grounds.

3LAU, Paris & Simo – Escape (Original Mix)

Why: Why is Krewella so bad-ass?

Few acts are currently as hot as Krewella right now, and Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man showed up to Escapade to show Ottawa exactly why that is the case. With Rusko sick and unable to perform, the trio inherited an extra time slot, providing two and a half hours of certified Krew chaos. Led by the perfect juxtaposition of beautiful vocals and four-on-the-floor beats, Krewella brought their own brand of party electro to the festival’s second day. Stages dives and party-provoking antics, in tandem with music lead by their latest single, “Live For The Night,” made for one of the most unforgettable Escapade moments — a standout nightcap on the nation’s biggest weekend.

Krewella – Live For The Night

Stay tuned for our coverage of Escapade Music Festival Day Three, featuring memorable moments from Canada Day celebrations with Tiesto, Quintino, and Alvaro!

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