Fehrplay digs deep with latest two-track Pryda Friends EPMonte Talk To Me Fehrplay

Fehrplay digs deep with latest two-track Pryda Friends EP

Ahead of a landmark North American tour alongside label mate Jeremy Olander, Norwegian breakout Fehrplay is back with a different shade of club fuel for Pryda Friends this month. Following closely from euphoric A-side “Phantom,” his latest two-track offering digresses considerably from the uplifting resonance we have come to associate with the Norwegian talent. Where “Monte” embodies a deep and dark retro anthem, B-side “Talk To Me” falls a little closer to that of his progressive output whilst still carrying considerably murky undertones. Without turning entirely on his beloved melodic guise, Jonas Fehr’s latest Pryda instalment shows the Norwegian talent tests the waters of a genre already stirring mass appeal for its extended creative scope. With rumour of his next offering returning to that of his uplifting discography, this two-track offering owes to a dynamic picture of the talent floating Prydz’s Norwegian peer upstream at such incredible pace. 

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