Introducing Dancing Astronaut Studios with DubspotStudios

Introducing Dancing Astronaut Studios with Dubspot

As I wrote in last month’s editorial, music production is an ocean whose depths can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming to explore. As with any adventure, certain destinations are best reached with the aid of a seasoned guide.

I’m excited to introduce Dancing Astronaut Studios with Dubspot, a new weekend feature for Dancing Astronaut. I will be partnering with Dubspot, a premier school for music production, DJing and performance, to showcase my continuing journey through dance music production. Set against the backdrop of Dubspot’s Online School, DA Studios will spotlight production concepts and narrate lessons learned, as well as provide a forum through which Dubspot’s acclaimed faculty can impart some of their knowledge and expertise.

As an entirely self-taught producer, I’ve made some significant progress. As Sicarii, my first signed EP cracked Beatport’s Top 25 Tech House releases. As Medved, I’ve explored new genres and gained an understanding for the intricacies involved in producing big room and electro house. However, I still recognize that I could use further instruction to bolster my skills and refine my approach, particularly in the delicate field of audio engineering. That’s why I’ll be enrolling in Dubspot’s Mixing and Mastering course online to learn new techniques for polishing rough productions into industry-standard masters. 

Stay tuned to track my development and don’t be afraid to get involved. Let us know which areas of production you find most fascinating and frustrating. After all, this is a journey we can take together.


About Dubspot

Dubspot is one of the world’s leading schools for electronic music production, DJing and performance, with campuses in New York City and online. As one of the world’s first Ableton Training Centers, Dubspot has emerged as the premier school for both experienced and aspiring artists seeking to learn more about using the latest music and media technologies in intimate and engaging class settings. Dubspot offers a unique cross-genre approach to producing and performing electronic music, with a wide range of programs offered throughout the year. 

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