Jack Novak – Swerve Your Whip feat. Sofi (Original Mix)Jack Novak Swerve Your Hip Sofi

Jack Novak – Swerve Your Whip feat. Sofi (Original Mix)

For the last two years Jack Novak has kept herself locked away in her studio, experimenting and mastering her gritty electro sound. Recently signed to WME, Novak is finally ready to unleash her creations onto the world. Taking a mad scientist approach to her productions, Novak enlists the grunge-tinged vocals of ladder-deficient Sofi who lends her raspy aesthetic to “Swerve Your Whip’s” splintered framework. The first of many productions to come out of Novak’s laboratory, “Swerve Your Whip” is down and dirty warehouse electro from start to finish with hair raising kicks and aggressive synthwork.