John Dahlbäck releases sprawling electro-infused ‘Mutants Presents’ compilationJD

John Dahlbäck releases sprawling electro-infused ‘Mutants Presents’ compilation

To call John Dahlbäck prolific is an understatement. The long-locked Swedish scene stalwart has amassed an eye-popping discography that runs the gamut from subterranean tech cuts to big-room ready progressive house floor pounders. On his new 18-track mix album Mutant Presents, released on Dahlbäck’s Mutants Records imprint, the versatile producer showcases a cohesive array of electro-infused progressive house tracks by himself and other Mutants artists that well embody the artist’s own stylistic approach, evolving to embrace new musical trends without compromising production finesse and attention to detail.

The hour-long album kicks off with a contemplative introduction courtesy of the label boss himself that settles quickly into the progressive electro stylings of Faustix‘s “Inner Freak.” Lucky Date‘s chugging electro bass drives a muscular remix of John Dahlbäck & Greg Cerrone’s “Every Breath,” an early standout track that serves to set the tone for the electro-infused fare to follow. Further notable tracks include the soaring synth driven Feenix Pawl remix of Dahlbäck’s “Diamonds” and Astro’s “Bomba,” which sports crushing electro elements in a progressive-minded arrangement.

All is not electro bass and synth squeals, however, Mutants Presents contains tender moments in Faustix & Imanos’ “I Will Wait For You,” featuring the lilting vocal talents of Lindsey Ray over accessible chords and builds. The mood quickly shifts back into the electro realm with the Lunde Bros’ “Get Down.” Dahlbäck’s new track “Amedei” follows into KitSch 2.0’s “Housecoholic,” another memorable peak hour tune that pairs competing vocal samples with a festival-style drop. The album closes out strong with a series of heavy electro house numbers in Flipmonks’ “Kickin,” Jimi Frew’s “Depth,” and Dim Chris’s “Show.” If Mutants Presents is to be understood as John’s manifesto for his music label moving forward, it’s clear that he has staked out a special spot along the intersection of electro and progressive house where Mutants is happy to reside.

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1. Intro
2. Faustix – Inner Freak
3. John Dahlbäck – Don’t Stop
4. John Dahlbäck & Greg Cerrone Ft Janice Robinson – Every Breath (Lucky Date Remix)
5. John Dahlbäck Ft Agnes – Diamonds (Feenix Pawl Remix)
6. Astro – Bomba
7.Greg Cerrone – No Fear
8. Faustix & Imanos Ft Lindsey Ray – I Will Wait For You
9. Lunde Bros – Get Down
10. John Dahlbäck – Amedei
11. KitSch 2.0 – Housecoholic
12. Mick Kastenholt & Jay Adams – No More Fairytales
13. Flipmonks – Kickin
14. Jimi Frew – Depth
15. Dim Chris – Show
16. Felix Leiter & Marrs TV – Feel The Panic
17. Lunde Bros – Put Em Up
18. Eitro – Verve

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