Logic Pro gets a much needed upgrade with ‘Logic Pro X’Logic Pro

Logic Pro gets a much needed upgrade with ‘Logic Pro X’

To the delight of countless music producers, Apple has unveiled a new version of its beloved DAW, Logic Pro. The update comes without much forewarning, although Logic users have been harkening for an upgrade to the software for over two years. The new version, Logic Pro X, introduces a revamped interface along with new features such as Logic Remote, for controlling the software via iPad, Drummer, for a virtual session drummer, and Flex Pitch, for precise pitch editing. Tack on an expanded array of instruments and synths, nine new MIDI plugins, and a new sample library, and Logic Pro X is looking like quite a satisfactory upgrade. Available for the low price of $200, Logic Pro X is making a strong case for the best DAW for your buck.

See the full range of new features on the official Logic website.

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