Near-death scooter accident forces Gaslamp Killer off roadGaslamp Killer

Near-death scooter accident forces Gaslamp Killer off road

A scooter accident has left Gaslamp Killer without a spleen or a summer tour. On July 9th the Los Angeles producer hit the breaks while reaching for a fly-away hat, causing him to flip over the handlebars and the scooter to land on top of him. The accident lead to near-fatal internal bleeding caused by a ruptured spleen.

In an interview with LA Weekly about the event, Gaslamp – born William Benjamin Bensussen – appeared at peace with what a future without a spleen – and therefore alcohol – would bring. “I can’t drink or do drugs ever again,” he said. But after some heavy partying in the past and a few attempts to cut back, the sudden death sentence given to alcohol may not be such a bad thing.

“I feel like the universe kept pushing me in this direction, but I just wasn’t willing to accept it,” Bensussen said. “Now this is pretty much the guillotine, the ax to the head of the demon snake that begs for more…”

Though the brush with death may have in fact lengthened Gaslamp’s career, in the short-term it has forced him to cancel his entire summer tour to focus on recovery. Yet though festival dates will be missed and European and US stops rescheduled, Gaslamp’s creativity is refusing to rest. “I feel like I was given this opportunity to slow the fuck down again, and get inside my own head, and really try and create some dope music instead of fucking burning my brains out. It’s time for me to go back inside my soul and see what comes out,” he said. “I’m gonna’ reel it back in and make my next album. I already have a lot of super vicious drums and interesting rough drafts. I’m going to try to reach the next breakthrough.”

Hoping for a quick recovery, it is safe to say that Gaslamp will be back to business with a new scar and new material soon.

Source: LA Weekly