Nicolas Jaar starts new Other People label, ends work on Clown & Sunset

In a move that will serve to disband the Clown & Sunset label/art collective he has been working on since 2009, Nicolas Jaar will be launching a new label named Other People. Many of the members of the old label will join Jaar at Other People, so you’ll still be seeing a lot of Will Epstein, Acid Pauli, Valentin Stip, and Nikita Quasim. According to an interview in which Jaar recently partook for Flaunt, the change is presumably a split with Noah Kraft who ran Clown & Sunset Aesthetics in partnership with Jaar. Other People will be a monthly subscription based service, comparable to The label will be able to serve several different tiers of fans, and membership of course equals exclusivity for a price. They’ll be things like weekly music releases, but also potential perks like more “special” gigs as Flaunt describes, such as a named seated performance at the Cologne Philharmonic or a set at the Barbican in London.

via Flaunt

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