Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk are working on another collaboration

Earlier this year Nile Rodgers successfully lent his talents to Daft Punk’s latest album and now the robotic duo plan to return the favor by collaborating with Rodgers to rework an old Chic b-side. In an exclusive interview with DJAZZtv, the jazz legend discusses his motives for reigniting the Chic flame;

“I found in the Warner tape library some old unreleased Chic masters that didn’t belong to them, that were in boxes that said ‘Chic,’ But when you opened it up, it had Johnny Mathis inside, they had my film scores, they had Nile Rodgers solo tracks, they had Chic tracks that were not designed for any project except for the guys working with me writing songs. So I’m going to finish that. And this is an exclusive, Daft Punk wants to do at least one of them with me. So that should be very cool. Because they respect the music, they understand.”

After the incredible success of “Get Lucky,” we’ve seen what Nile Rodgers collaborating on a Daft Punk track is capable of, and now with the roles reversed it may just be the spark that Chic and Rodgers needs to bring back the heyday of disco.

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