Paradiso Festival in Washington State claims one life, leaves several more hospitalizedPARA

Paradiso Festival in Washington State claims one life, leaves several more hospitalized

Paradiso Festival hit the Gorge Ampitheatre in Washington state last weekend bringing with it record high temperatures and a sold-out crowd of 25,000 zealous fans. MDMA has long been a contentious focal point in the public discourse surrounding electronic dance music, but that controversy came to a climactic head over the weekend when numerous concert goers were hospitalized. The hospitalizations resulted in the death of 21-year-old Washington State University graduate Patrick Witkowski, three attendees left in serious condition, and an almost missing persons case (the attendee in question was eventually found eight miles from the venue and admitted to taking Molly).

Despite numerous reports citing overdose as the cause of Witkowski’s death, Facebook comments left by a relative refutes these claims. He says,

“Times like these I hate the news. My second cousin died at Paradiso this weekend due the fact that he was dehydrated and on Molly he didn’t OD. Yes drugs are bad and I don’t condone them but people need to be properly educated. If you’re going to do a drug any drug make sure there is other things in your system including food and most importantly water. The lack of H2O in his system caused a brain hemorrhage reaction that turned fatal. I just want people to know this wasn’t just some dumb kid. He had just graduated college and was on track for a high paying job a Boeing and has a large loving family. He was not some dead beat druggie.”

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