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Seven Lions stands out at Camp Bisco’s OWSLA vs. Boys Noize stage

OWSLA and Boys Noize Records holding hands on their own festival stage is a match made in heaven. Hats off to Camp Bisco for introducing the marriage first. The yearly Disco Biscuits-led soiree has slowly become more accepting of electronic music; now arguably one of EDM’s biggest summer attractions in New York State. Introducing the experimental label coupling for a bass-hungry audience in the foothills of upstate New York seemed fitting. Festival goers came in full force for Destructo, Nicky Thayer, and KOAN Sound’s kickoff, all building the momentum for OWSLA vs BNR’s most memorable set. Seven Lions pulled out all the stops.

Not many DJ/producers can effortlessly balance trap, dubstep, progressive house, and trance in one sitting. Revered for his diverse and avante-garde productions, Jeff Montalvo of Seven Lions brings the same variance to his sets. Starting strong with originals like “Fractals,” from his OWSLA debut, Montalvo refused to let the crowd rest.

Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Dank Remix) 

Building off of Dank’s heavy rendition of “I Could Be The One,” Jeff dropped one of his most noteworthy set pieces.  A master tamer of ethereal vocals, Lions’ unreleased remix of “Running To The Sea” is highly anticipated. The emotive yet piercing production is quintessential Seven Lions, defined by cosmic synths and melodic growls.


Towards the middle of the set, Montalvo had fun with his avid audience, even played an edit of Federico Franchi’s “Cream.” Trap assailed listeners with Bare’s remix of “Thunder” and Oh Snap’s take on “Wakanda.” Seven Lions wound down an undaunted performance on the heels of his own original crowd-pleasers, including his most recent release, “Fevers.”

Seven Lions – Fevers feat. Minnesota & Mimi Page (Original Mix)

Not nostalgic enough for ya? Enjoy Camp Bisco’s official day one recap featuring Seven Lions’ remix of “Still With Me,”  by Tritonal and Cristina Soto.

Photo Credit: aLIVE Media

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