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Skrillex website hijacked by notorious penguin hacker

You read correctly, folks. The penguin hacker has struck again. Last November, a Turkish squad identified as “Eboz” prompted the “mass defacement” of over 280 popular “.pk” (Pakistani) domains.,, and many more were defiled by the congenial image you see before you – penguins in an embrace, toddling toward the sunset. would have the same fate Tuesday night. With Sasha and Maria’s “Be As One” reportedly supplying background ambiance, the non-political attack came with the following clandestine message from Eboz: 

“My homies are always with me, among friends,

Is there anyone not with me in every breath I take?”

“Greetings to friends; we’re not dead, still living,

I have nothing to do with Facebook, Twitter, or forum accounts.”

“With You Friends” feels necessary… Sonny himself is undeterred by the defilement, appreciating the violation for what it is – comical. Here’s to hoping the Grammy-winner uses the event for inspiration.

A twitterer also astutely pointed out the similarity between a photograph of Boys Noize and Skrillex at Coachella with the unwarranted penguins. While this has nothing to do with the story, it is generally hilarious.

[H/T The Verge]