‘Something found on a drive’: Deadmau5 unearths ‘Omnifck’20111004 Deadmau5 Roseland1

‘Something found on a drive’: Deadmau5 unearths ‘Omnifck’

After going through a very public creative process, Deadmau5 has posted yet another detail-less track. Following “Suite 02” and “Suite 04b” is “Omnifck,” a track only similar to its predecessors in its uncanny ability to sound both nothing like and exactly what you’d expect from mau5. Labeled only as “something found on a drive,” the track is held together with a slow hip-hop drum set beat that muted chords flit between. Introed and outroed by soundtrack-ready swells, the track already has fans buzzing. Is it a song for long drives at 3 a.m.? An introspective nod to the melancholy within? Is Joel just messing with us? The world may never know.

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