Steve Angello brings fans inside studio, reveals why he plays without headphones on Size TV Episode 6

The latest episode of Size TV opens with label-head Steve Angello amidst a studio session, walking viewers through the thought processes behind his productions. After seeking and finding a sound in his home studio, the sixth installment continues on the road with the Size crew in Brazil, tweaking music on the go. The episode closes with Angello opening up, revealing that he had lost hearing in one ear and how he was forced to learn to play without headphones. Jump below the break for more and watch the Size TV episode six in full.

Playing around with distortion, Steve says “there’s something about turning nobs,” and digs deeper, “Something with the analog that makes it feel real.” Working around his board of equipment, he searchs for a certain sound, and explains how he is looking to fill a void. “If you think about it people don’t even dance anymore, they’re just jumping. And that’s awesome, but there’s a gap where that kind of music used to be,” he explains, before crafting a sound and stating that “this is what it should sound like.”

Touching upon a subject that he has crossed paths with multiple times in recent history, Angello reveals why he often plays DJ sets without the use of headphones.

“I learned to play without headphones a couple of years back because I had an incedent when I was working in the studio for one month straight, and I was sitting so I had the speakers on the left side. I got deaf in one of my ears.”

Doctors told Steve that he had headphones and booth monitors way too loud, and that he would have to turn down music in booth or skip headphones. Steve opted for sound in the booth rather than his ears, explaining: “

“I said I’ll skip the headphones because for me it’s all about the feeling and the vibe, and if I have a shit sound system I can’t get into it.”

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