Vicetone – Tremble (Original Mix) [Preview]Artworks 000053656309 M93drj T

Vicetone – Tremble (Original Mix) [Preview]

Dutch progressive duo Vicetone has been making some serious waves as of late, culminating in a high profile Protocol Recordings debut that is poised to elevate their forward thinking sound to the next level. Containing simply elegant orchestrals that meld seamlessly into a multifaceted build, the track really takes off upon its complex lead synth-driven drop that pairs a powerful melody with a mature arrangement approach. In a sea of similar big-room ready tracks angling for festival play, “Tremble” truly stands out as a unique production upon which its creators’ painstaking care and attention to production detail have been rendered starkly evident. With an August 5th release fast approaching, expect “Tremble” to be one of the most memorable releases of the summer.

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