Zane Lowe premiers fabled Dillon Francis & T.E.E.D Collaboration ‘Without You’WIthout You

Zane Lowe premiers fabled Dillon Francis & T.E.E.D Collaboration ‘Without You’

When moombathon’s North American poster boy Dillon Francis let slip that his eyes were set on a full-length album, a lot of people simply weren’t sure whether he was being serious. But enroute to what we now know to be a solid 14-song affair from Mad Decent’s comedic protagonist, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs joins the trail for a single well outside of his comfort zone. For those fearing recurrence of the docile “Flight 4555,” the Zane Lowe premiered “Without You” is sure to spark relief along the way. This melodic electronic ballad strips Francis of his class-clown persona for perhaps one of the most nubile offerings to emerge from the young American artist to date. A bout of solid writing and subtle synth developments, the accomplished dup unites to the avail of a track that naturally hits universal territory without the cheesy compromises. Benefitting heavily from T.E.E.D’s own mesmerising studio get-up, the track signals that for all the skeptics out there, Francis may well be on to one his most accomplished studio servings to date if this emotively oiled single is anything to go by. 

Purchase: iTunes (August 8)

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