Adventure Club unveils newest original, ‘Gold’Adventure Club Gold1

Adventure Club unveils newest original, ‘Gold’

With one of their first originals in nearly a year, Montreal bass music duo Adventure Club returns with a vocal-driven dubstep tune in typically melodic fashion. After remixing Yuna’s serene single “Lullabies,” Adventure Club has recruited the Malaysian songstress for their newest collaborative effort, “Gold.” While their productions have dabbled in dirtier bass music territory, “Gold” is a return to the soft sonic style that put them on the map.

With the title “Gold,” it’s easy to draw a comparison a to their remix of “Crave You” (“I walk into the room dripping in gold”), their biggest song to date. Yuna’s repeating message “stay gold” can also be construed as an allusion to iconic quote from The Outsiders, “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.” Intertextuality aside, Adventure Club’s newest tune is as blissful as ever, and will be released on September 17th.

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