Afrojack’s future hit ‘Be With You’ leaks, giving fans taste of new albumUltra Europe Day 2 Afrojack 2 1

Afrojack’s future hit ‘Be With You’ leaks, giving fans taste of new album

For all of 2013, Afrojack has had fans clinging onto expectations of a full-length album, one he’s promised would be released in September. Sticking to his word and releasing the lead single with Chris Brown, “As Your Friend,” Nick quickly set the tone for what could become an edgier version of dance pop with commercial collaborations in vein of “Take Over Control” or “Can’t Stop Me.” This summer, however, Afrojack returned to his roots, releasing gritty-bassline, Dutch amplified electro tracks with his It’s A Matter Of… EP, “Peanuts,” and most recently “Jack That Body.”

With September around the corner, it is unsure whether the album will be delivered on schedule, but what seems to be one of its future singles have leaked. Speculatively titled “Be With You,” a big room gem that’s been heard in many of his festival sets as an instrumental is now complimented by vocals from Clinton Sparks. Fit for the radio and certainly fit for an album, “Be With You” follows the precedent set by the lead single; and if that’s the case, it appears that Afrojack’s first full length is more than just hopeful speculation.

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