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Dancing Astronaut Auditions: Episode 1

Welcome to the first week of Dancing Astronaut Auditions! We asked to hear your music and you more than delivered, flooding our inbox with hundreds of your own tracks. The following five tracks represent some of the best musical output we encountered. Please continue to send your unsigned original mixes to auditions@dancingastronaut.com!

1. Kastra – Inside & Out (Original Mix)

New Jersey producer Kastra showcased his standout production skills on an energetic big room electro offering with a catchy vocal sample and a muscular bass line.

2. Maxum – Sunrise (Original Mix)

Pairing techy percussion with deep progressive stylings, Maxum’s “Sunrise” stood out from the crowd as a result of its balanced dynamics and simple yet effective lead synth hook.

3. Rafael Cruz & Diogo NK – Pure Feeling (Original Mix)

Brazilian producers Rafael Cruz and Diogo NK caught our ears with their hybrid Latin tech and progressive house feel in this groove-driven number.

4. Jonathan Pitch – Dirty Laundry (Original Mix)

Dutch producer Jonathan Pitch demonstrates his proclivity for progressive house on an immaculately produced melodic track that sports a refreshingly novel arrangement approach and careful attention to sound design detail on the synthesizers.

5. Tiger Tsunami – Spanish Nights (Original Mix)

London-based Tiger Tsunami offers up some spaced out chill wave goodness on “Spanish Nights,” a meandering mellow track that combines chopped up female vocal snippets with soothing piano and bass-oriented beats.

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