DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine – Bon Iver EditionSmm No Week

DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine – Bon Iver Edition

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections — old and new — in an attempt to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

This week on Sunday Morning Meds we celebrate one of the most remixed vocalists, Bon Iver. Undertaken by countless bedroom producers, Iver’s sultry smooth vocals make for the perfect backdrop to downtempo remakes. We feature Flicflac, Kill Them with Colour, Oliver Nelson, Izhevski and It’s Kull Kid in this week’s edition.

1. Moscow’s Izhevski and Hewek take on “Minnesota” in this brilliant remake using intricate percussion over the soft melody. It’s minimalistic leanings blend perfect with the vocal and mood of the single.

2. Vienna’s FlicFlac work “Blood Bank” into a melodic dream wright with swift piano interludes and a pressing backbeat. The emotional interplay will capture you in its charm.

3. Toronto’s Kill Them With Colour take on “Wolves” blending in Ini Kamoze’s “Hotstepper” to create a glitchy, groovy play on the original tracks.

4. Swedish nu disco favorite Oliver Nelson works “Minnesota” into a succulent downtempo remake adding the perfect amount of production without compromising the original.

5. France’s Kullkid takes “Flume” under his wing adding a tech house/minimal flavor while isolating the vocals to the perfect degree. It will have you grooving in your seat.

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