David Guetta talks about changing the format on US radio and electronic music’s potential growth

David Guetta sat down with CNN before his set at Tomorrowland 2013 to discuss the growth of electronic music over the course of the past five years. Getting his start in the late 80s, Guetta saw house music’s growth in Europe and seized an opportunity to bridge a gap between US urban culture and electronic music. Working with Akon and other hip hop and R&B talents, Guetta succeeded in changing the format of US radio; “Everything was downtempo [on radio in the US] and all of a sudden everything became uptempo.” He also acknowledges his crossover appeal in tandem with the strength of the underground, praising the diversity of the community as one of dance music’s greatest assets. Comparing electronic music to hip hop, Guetta believes that the genres are similar in that they both came from the underground before crossing over, noting that hip hop’s growth has continued for over 20 years and electronic music is still in its infancy.

“It’s a wonderful snowball that keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

Via: CNN