Deadmau5 previews newest projects ‘Coelacanth’ and ‘Fck a Coelacanth’Ultra Deadmau5 Head E1364537340702

Deadmau5 previews newest projects ‘Coelacanth’ and ‘Fck a Coelacanth’

Producer, or shall we say composer, Deadmau5 has published his latest projects entitled “Coelacanth” and “Fck a Coelacanth.” The first track indulges in multiple layers of minimal compositions including the beat from “Where are my Keys?” and sullen piano melodies from “Strobe.” The sound represents a world both old and new, or rather “NearlyExtinctStep,” as the mau5 himself labels it. “Fck a Coelacanth” on the other hand is a shorter snippet which progresses through compressed beats. For those of you wondering, a coelacanth is a 400 million year old nearly extinct fish found off the coast of the Indian Ocean. According to Twitter, Joel wants one as a pet.