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Deadmau5 talks fame and living two lives, honors Skrillex for success of subgenres

Live from his hometown’s premier event, Toronto’s Veld Music Festival, Deamau5 sat down with CBC Canada. Formally poised, the interview presents more Joel Zimmerman than his masked persona as the DJ-producer opens up about everything from his Rolling Stone cover to his market, brand, and personal attachment as an artist distinguished from himself away from fame. Trying to keep “Deadmau5, Deadmau5 and Joel, Joel,” he proclaims there is nothing healthy about having two characters and living under the spotlight.

After talking about his experience with fans in a nightclub he refers to when a kid with 42 million Twitter followers entered the room. Presumably referring to Justin Bieber, Joel seemed relieved not to be on that level of fame. Going on to talk about the genre he reigns, he claims “we’re out of subculture-land and into our own culture-land, but it’s in a fragile state right now,” going on to ask rhetorically; “how much room on either side of the culture does it have to go to be creative and where it is?” Joel goes on to praise Skrillex and his peers for the directions and success of EDM’s growing subgenres:

“We’ve had a couple of good examples of that in this demographic where Skrillex has done something really cool where his peers and producers alike have taken this house music thing and then it turned into electro. Well then they all of sudden derailed the whole thing with this dubstep thing and then split it into two, creating a little more wing room on either side whereas you can have now if you really wanted to have a festival of a subgenre of a subculture and it would have legs and sustainability to survive on its own, which is kind of cool.”

Via: CBC Canada

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