Digitalism feat. The M Machine – Lift (Original Mix)Digitalism Life Ep

Digitalism feat. The M Machine – Lift (Original Mix)

In a genre noted for it’s mix mash of collabs, remixes and side projects, rare is the producer who opts to stand alone. While Germany’s Digitalism has certainly both crafted and blessed their share of remixes, the duo has been intentionally light on collaborations – until now. With the release of their Lift EP, the pair both break new ground and come back to a familiar place by teaming up with the likes of The M Machine, Steve Duda, and Michael Diamond for their return to home label Kitsune.

The titular track invites the listener to the next chapter of Digitalism, where the indie dance sound is streamlined, the beats bouncy and the lyrics light. While the pair’s signature synth still carries the day, the addition of outside elements only strengthens the core, allowing Jence and Isi to add “plays well with others” to their already impressive resumes.

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