Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Bondax, one reason to wake up early on FridayEzoo Bonda

Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Bondax, one reason to wake up early on Friday

Adam Kaye and George Townsend, at 19 and 20 years old, can easily be compared to fellow British prodigies, Disclosure. They are just as young and just as talented, oftentimes finding themselves categorized as future garage (sharing the same sort of disdain for that classification as their “White Noise” counterparts). We aren’t sure what’s in the water over in England, but both duo’s must have sampled the same cocktail. Having gained their prominence through a spot on Annie Mac’s radio show for BBC Radio 1, the pair have only released a modest four singles since they got their start… in 2012. While their catalog may not be as deep as the more seasoned acts at Electric Zoo, the two will perform live, curating a unique blend of downtempo, UK garage, American hip hop and Chicago house for what promises to be one of the most unique acts on Day 1.

Perhaps best demonstrated by their hit “Gold,” Bondax can be described as Disclosure on Codeine, replacing upbeat funk pop with syrupy grooves and drippy percussion.

Enhancing the infectious 90’s R&B classic, Blackstreet’s “No Diggity,” is no easy task, but Bondax rose to challenge and reworked the iconic track, infusing it with a subtle garage backbone that modernized without jeopardizing the original’s charm.

Red Bull Studio London’s “Introducing Mix” is a great first dip into the sound and style of the eclectic duo who, despite their age, have demonstrated a deep and rich appreciation for music that is older than they are. Opening with Ce Ce Rogers 1987 hit “Someday” the pair weave an interesting blend of classic Chicago house with their own fresh UK garage style.

Still not sold? Their Fader mix should change your mind. Played back to back with Red Bull’s mix it would be hard to guess that the same artists are behind each. Two completely unique tracklists and not a single predictable song in the bunch, name one big room artist that you can say the same for…

With an early set on Friday at the Sunday School Grove it will take some serious planning to reach Randall’s Island by their 12:50 start but trust us, these two are worth setting an alarm for.

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