Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Carnage brings the carnival to the Hilltop ArenaCarnage Ezoo

Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Carnage brings the carnival to the Hilltop Arena

While he initially gained notoriety for trap remixes to familiar tracks like “Spaceman,” Carnage has since come to embody festival music. From circus-like melodies, to darkly satisfying house drops, to surprise trap arrangements, Carnage’s music is designed for events like Electric Zoo. There’s a distinct merriment evoked in his sets, and in an arena or outdoor stage setting, it’s near impossible to not be engaged by Carnage’s riotous selections.

From bedroom producer to festival regular, Carnage’s rise to prominence has happened seemingly overnight. When the trap wave surmounted last fall, Carnage’s music was at the forefront of the explosion. His remixes of “Poltergeist” and “Big Spender” turned heads, but it was ultimately his trap rendition of “Spaceman” that catapulted him into the limelight. The remix revitalized trap for a commercial EDM audience, showcasing the power of of the resurfacing genre on massive festival speakers. The track became a set staple for everyone from Tiësto, to Nervo, to Jack Beats, and Carnage soon became a household name.

A few months later, Carnage teamed up with Borgore for what would ultimately prove a long-standing relation, as the two surprised the entire dance world with their dark and gritty house track, “Incredible.” Since then, Carnage has only further proved his knack for festival-sized productions, crafting the big room/trap fusion “Signal,” and the carnival-like house track “Michael Jordan.”

Productions aside, Carnage’s live sets are a whole different animal. From his candid, Armin van Buuren inspired intros, to his hardstyle, trance, and electro tendencies, Carnage’s DJ sets reach far beyond trap music. His mixing is quick, his enthusiasm and passion is clear, and his set lists are rampant with unreleased material. Carnage is poised to play a prime time set from the Hilltop Arena on Sunday. Those looking for some joyous and boisterous festival music should not miss it.

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