Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Claude VonStroke

Since the first Electric Zoo in 2009, Claude VonStroke has maintained quite the presence at the festival — snagging a booking in three of its five runs. His bouncy brand of booty house has captured revelers for years, but he now has the potential to act as a catalyst for the successful entrance of mainstream EDM aficionados into the soulful world of the underground. In previous years, Sunday School hasn’t had much appeal outside of its established audience but, as EDM has gained traction, its also brought increased visibility to the underground.

Santa Claude and the dirtybird misfits have rallied around a crew of sounds — infectious bouncy basslines and booty bass, in particular — that don’t require a manufactured sense of musical superiority to enjoy.  VonStroke and his label’s crossover appeal have birthed some haters who consider their brand of music too accessible…but to them I say, pish posh. If it sounds good and it feels good (which it almost always does) who cares?

A major source of my insomnia is the thought of all the good music out there that I’ve yet to discover and very well may never find. I attempt to remedy my sleepless nights with compulsive, daily musical exploration and a willingness to try any and every genre on for size. For those who haven’t yet gotten a taste of the underground, take the plunge if only because your undiscovered favorite track may be hiding somewhere in Mr. VonStroke’s catalog.

For a sample of what’s to come check out some of Claude VonStrokes best mixes, remixes, and original productions as well as some dirtybird material.

Much like Deep Throat catapulted Linda Lovelace to porn stardom, ‘Deep Throat” put Claude on the map.

“Who’s Afraid of Detroit” made him a household name.

“Le Fantome” solidified his reign.

Julio Bashmore’s “Um Bongo’s Revenge” appeared on Dirtybird.

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