Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Madeon aspires to paint New York City skyline TechnicolorEzoo Madeon

Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Madeon aspires to paint New York City skyline Technicolor

By age 17 Madeon had a hit in “Icarus,” a breakthrough appearance at Ultra Music Festival, and remixes for the likes of Deadmau5 and Martin Solveig. Nearly two years later, it appears that his signature blazer wouldn’t even be needed to mask his youth as the French prodigy’s production value far exceeds his 19 years and counting. This summer Madeon finds himself responsible for Two Door Cinema Club’s recent “Changing of Seasons” single, credited for production on Lady Gaga’s forthcoming ARTPOP album, and fresh off the release of “Technicolor,” his undisputed magnum opus that further advances the cause of his forte.

Taking that momentum straight through festival season to New York’s Electric Zoo, Madeon will grace the main stage ready to paint the Manhattan skyline behind him in a technicolor spectrum. Even following “The City” and “Finale,” the artist at hand has found a way to expand his niche without compromising his integrity, and those capabilities will drown Randall’s Island with a chromatic set indicative of his current reign.

At New York’s premier festival, beneath its brightest lights, Madeon will be breaking in the brand new Main Stage East with his 4:30pm set time on day two. Positioned with a view of Manhattan, the sun peaking and reflecting off of the East River, and nearly 100,000 souls in between, the Paris-born wunderkind faces an opportunity unlike any other that’s crossed his path thus far into his career. The time, setting, and atmosphere of the Saturday slot matches up with his musical state. And while he may be in a league of his own, Madeon portrays anything but loneliness, spinning the culmination of his experiences through his own prism.

Glimpse through that prism at Electric Zoo and you’ll see the aforementioned city, river, or thousands of people is his line of sight, revealing something to deeper than a one-hour set, more substantial than a producer with a single, and something intangible between a massive sound system and festival crowd.

For Madeon, that’s wearing his heart on his sleeve and blocking out vulnerabilities that should be a natural and healthy emotion for a 19-year-old. His production efforts come sparingly, unflawed, and a product of a perfectionist. Even with some great records in the conversation, the past remains behind him, concrete as stepping stones. “Technicolor” is now his latest chapter; the production, the symbolic attention to detail, and the shade representative of the creators’ character. And, with that technicolor, Madeon will paint the New York City skyline in the distance from his Main Stage. That is, unless he decides to paint a skyline of his own.

Madeon – Technicolor (Original Mix)

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