Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: ModeratEzoo Moderat

Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Moderat

What happens when you combine two of the most innovative forces in electronic music today? Only good things apparently. Moderat represents exactly that, a German supergroup of sorts comprised of Apparat‘s Sascha Ring and Modeselektor‘s Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. For those seeking something quite off the beaten EDM path at Electric Zoo this year, look no further than this eclectic and accomplished trio.

While the genre-defying project actually draws its roots from a 2002 EP entitled Auf Kosten der Gesundheit (meaning “at the cost of health”), it was Moderat’s eponymous 2009 full-length effort that put the collaboration on map and spurred an innovative tour that prompted Resident Advisor to name the act the #1 Act of the Year. After four years of focusing on their respective projects, the trio has returned with their sophomore effort Moderat II, a varied eight-track LP that ranges from breathtakingly beautiful to delightfully dissonant in its sonic approach. Led by the menacing allure of vocal single “Bad Kingdom,” II is rounded out by the lush ambience of tracks like “Let in the Light” and “Damage Done” and the low-end leaning glitch beats of “Gita.” If the latest album is any indication, Moderat will deliver a must-see set for Electric Zoo attendees interested in ditching the cookie cutter builds and breaks to explore the frontier of forward-thinking electronic music.

Check out DA’s selection of Moderat offerings below to ready your ears for the inexplicable things these glitchy Germans will do to them this weekend.

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