Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Skrillex, Boys Noize unite labels for Riverside Dog Blood displayEzoo Bnr Owsla

Electric Zoo ’13 Artist Spotlight: Skrillex, Boys Noize unite labels for Riverside Dog Blood display

Two of dance music’s most revered heavyweights have also been two of the genre’s most selfless figures this season. Putting solo efforts aside, Skrillex and Boys Noize and recently shifted focus towards their collaborative Dog Blood project that’s resulted in a sophomore EP that both artists have referred to as some of their greatest work. Simultaneously, the poster boys head their respective imprints, OWSLA and BNR, and at Electric Zoo this weekend the duo will bring their labels together as they’ve done with their independent talents for a Dog Blood-themed and headlined showcase at Riverside.


Koan Sound

Koan is a word rooting from Zen Buddhism representing meditation and spiritual awakening. For the UK-based duo signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA, Koan takes on an all new meaning. Breaking out independently in 2011 but signing to their home imprint that same year, Will Weeks and Jim Bastow threaten to challenge the buddhist definition with their unique brand of dubstep; a glitch hop oriented insignia intertwined with futuristic funk. Embodying that sound with their 2012 EP The Adventures of Mr. Fox, Koan Sound’s prominence within Skrillex’s artillery has relatively just begun. With a breakthrough on the horizon, these two look to make Electric Zoo an appearance for the books.

Koan Sound – 80s Fitness (Original Mix)


Birdy Nam Nam

Kicking off festival season with OWSLA at Ultra Music Festival back in March, the DJ foursome from France known as Birdy Nam Nam will look to close out with a bang just as great when taking the decks at Electric Zoo. Leaving their mark with “Goin’ In” in 2012, solidified by label-head Skrillex, the group is shaping up a 2013 that will likely define the rest of their careers. Their current success rides off the release of Defiant Order, an 11-track EP that serves as the culmination of seasoned electronica talents stemming from select singles that couldn’t be resisted from dance fans of all genres. Looking to pack Riverside with some of his greatest and most promising talent, Skrillex has enlisted Birdy Nam Nam to be his right hand men to prove OWSLA’s dominance in the Big Apple.

Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Skrillex ‘Go Hard’ Mix)



Responsible for his half of the joint stage, Boys Noize looks to bring his brand, prospects, and flavor to Randall’s Island to match the caliber of OWSLA and compliment the energy. Before linking up for his headlining set, he’s calling upon trap phenom to supply a particular edge to the Riverside stage. The same phenom who released an appropriately labeled Trap Shit EP on his own Boysnoize Records. The masked mad-man known simply as UZ will throw high-octane hits and fast-paced mashups into the mix of dub and acid twang. Based on his record, he’s expected to bring the heaviest and most figuratively destructive outing to Electric Zoo on day one, living up to the energy expectations of the veteran who brought him on board.

UZ – Trap Shit V13 (Original Mix)



Jeremy Cottereau dates his history with electronic music back to the age of 9, ditched his rock band for the genre at 17, and is now able to say his dreams as a youth have come true. He no longer goes by Jeremy; now that he’s a BNR regular it’s Djedjotronic. Coming a long way from his birthplace of Paris, Djedjotronic is on the brink of winning over New York City at Electric Zoo’s fifth anniversary festival. This, perhaps, isn’t what a young Jeremy had in mind at age 9; but he couldn’t have imagined settling beneath Boys Noize’s wing either. Attendees looking for a breath of fresh air, a unique sound to cling on to, and an escape that’ll feel like a world away from either of Zoo’s main stages; look no further than Djedjotronic’s Riverside playground.

Djedjotronic – Kaiko (Original Mix)


Skrillex, Boys Noize, drawing first Dog Blood in NYC

Of all the active super trios, mega duos, or joint collaborations from dance music heavyweights, Skrillex and Boys Noize find themselves at the helm as the most in-control tag team that can not be replicated or duplicated. Their inaugural release of Middle Finger / Next Order was released last year as some of the most favored and savored tunes of 2012, and its sequel has already been unleashed upon the world with double the music and double the energy. Dog Blood bring unprecedented charisma to the dance music arena as a duo while still reflecting on the solo personas of each star. On day one of Electric Zoo, Skrillex and Boys Noize will draw first blood — Dog Blood, that is — expected to treat custom edits, officially present New York with their sophomore EP for the first time, and pull out all the unexpected stops for their Big Apple audience. Not to mention, Skrillex should have his USB packed with his never-before heard solo material handy; now wouldn’t that be a treat, New York?

Dog Blood – Middle Finger Part 2 (Original Mix)

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