Griz gets personal in ‘Smash The Funk’ video

If Red Rocks is your scene, you place saxophone up with synth in sound importance and you’ve got the funk, chances are you’re already rocking to Griz. The 23-year-old Detroit native has proved Colorado isn’t the only place the Denver groove can prosper, and he’s done so with the help of good old fashioned vinyl. While his 100% free album Mad Liberation came out last year, the young producer has just released a music video for its “Smash The Funk,” with the explanation that he wanted to release a video that had been as a much of a journey to create as the album itself. With montages of sold-out Colorado shows, insights from the artist himself, some shooting of recording equipment with a hunting rifle, and, of course, the vibes of “Smash The Funk,” the video gives an inside look at the life of the mad liberator. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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