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Introducing Dancing Astronaut Auditions

Are you a producer who has made an original track? Chances are that after countless hours spent compressing snares and automating filters, you finally finished your latest masterpiece only to find that your viral visions of an open-armed audience eluded you.

It’s a matter of exposure; the nature of the industry leaves relatively few spots for under-the-radar artists to snatch a share of the spotlight. Too often we see artists slapping acapellas onto their finished originals in an attempt to garner some blog recognition as a remix. Don’t feel bad, the strategy makes sense, as readers are generally more likely to press play on a remix of a song they know than an original by an artist they don’t. But just because it may occasionally work, does that mean we should settle for an unsatisfactory status quo that diverts creative energy away from its actual aims? When it comes to a music scene we are passionate about, our goal is to encourage creativity, not reward stagnancy.

That’s where Auditions comes in. Every two weeks the feature will serve as a way of providing an outlet for fresh and original material to earn the audience it deserves. Each edition of Auditions will showcase a handful of standout submitted original mixes from a diversity of genres.

If you would like to submit a track to Auditions, please send an email to with your artist name and track name in the title. Only unsigned original productions will be considered. No remixes, bootlegs, edits or mash-ups allowed. One submission per artist per month. We’ll be also be accepting private Soundcloud links only, any emails containing attached files or links to other sites will be deleted. If your track is accepted for the showcase, we will contact you about verifying its authenticity and making it public.

We’re looking forward to hearing your music and giving it the recognition it deserves!

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