Randall’s Island restores grass for Electric ZooRandalls

Randall’s Island restores grass for Electric Zoo

During this year’s Governors Ball, torrential rains and three days of music destroyed the lush grass fields of Randall’s Island, leaving the grounds in a state of disrepair. Governors Ball organizers took it upon themselves to restore the grounds to an even better condition than they were before record setting rains and thousands of fans turned the island into a mud pit. Working with the NYC Department of Parks, organizers laid down over nine acres of brand new grass and infrastructure improvements to prevent future flooding.

Read the full statement and see before and after pictures past the break.

As New Yorkers who grew up going to Randall’s Island often for sports, concerts, and other special events, the restoration of Randall’s Island wasn’t just an ethical responsibility to us, it was a personal one. Gov Ball is proud to announce the completion of restoration efforts at Randall’s Island Park to repair the grounds. We have made good on our promise to leave the park’s event site in even better condition than it was before this year’s festival, which was hit by record rains on Friday of the event, due to Tropical Storm Andrea.
We have worked hand in hand with the Randall’s Island Parks Alliance Turf Crew and the NYC Department of Parks to make sure all the work has met their professional standards. We’re thrilled with the results, and we can’t thank them enough for their support, and hard work throughout this process.

In addition to field restoration, Gov Ball has invested in infrastructure improvements to the Randall’s Island Park Event Site that will prevent future flooding and event site damage.

We would like to thank all of New York, the Parks Department, Randall’s Island Park Alliance, and most importantly, the fans for allowing Gov Ball to call New York City, the greatest city on earth, our home.





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