RDGLDGRN – Lootin in London (TheFatRat Remix)RGGTheFatRat

RDGLDGRN – Lootin in London (TheFatRat Remix)

After receiving critical acclaim on his remix of Atlas Genius’s “If So,” TheFatRat returns with another remix, this time of RDGLDGRN’s “Lootin in London.” Challenging the electro status quo, TheFatRat continues to jump from genre to genre as if to demonstrate that production ability transcends classification. Kicked off by dubstep groans, his rendition of “Lootin” takes a turn towards dance pop with a distinctly synthetic swing. Angel Haze’s London grime-influenced vocals are matched with funky guitar riffs that bounce throughout TheFatRat’s grinding electro framework, leaving behind an interesting and strangely infectious output whose sound is impossible to define.