Shigeto gifts full stream of second LP for Ghostly ‘No Better Time Than Now’

Zack Saginaw, or Shigeto as he’s better known in circles of electronic music, is set to release his second true LP this week (August 20th) on the highly revered Ghostly International label out of Michigan and like many of his peers as of late, he’s making the full album available for stream in the lead up to its release.¬†No Better Time Than Now,¬†like his other production since 2010, is a vast collection of complicated syncopated rhythms, melodies, and instrumentation — drawing support from lovers of ambient, jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. Shigeto creates listening music more than dancing music, but that is just all the more reason to throw on your best pair of headphones and give pause to his auditory art.

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