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Tiësto & Nari & Milani vs Delayers – Move To The Rhythm (Original Mix)

It’s certainly been a summer to remember for Tiësto, his Musical Freedom label, and the artists who have had the spotlight shinned upon them in result. The release of Club Life Volume 3 was only the beginning. Off the success of the compilation came praise to rising star Pelari for his debut hit “Cango,” a breakthrough collaboration for one of dance music’s most popular young stars in Dyro, well-deserved attention towards the likes of Baggi Begovic, surprise appearances from the likes of Teddy Geiger, and even an extended play dedicated to trap remixes.

With the summer nearing its close and unwilling to slow down an unmatched hot streak, Musical Freedom appears to be moving into a new chapter; and who else to make the mark but Tiësto himself. Collaborating with “Atom” producers Nari & Milani, along with Delayers, Tijs has released “Move To The Rhythm,” a high-octane production that blurs genre definition and stirs dance floor commotion unconfined by venue in which it earns air time.

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