Avicii unleashes his ‘Speed’ and ‘Reggae’ remixes of ‘Wake Me Up’8105032

Avicii unleashes his ‘Speed’ and ‘Reggae’ remixes of ‘Wake Me Up’

Since “Wake Me Up” was released as an instant worldwide hit, everyone from bedroom amateurs to Pitbull have attempted to pass of edits off Avicii’s single. This week, however, Avicii has released the track’s official remixes, coming from none other than himself. The first is his ‘Speed’ mix, an apparent mastered bootleg of “Wake Me Up” and “Speed,” his promo for Burn & Lotus F1 that fits the original mold perfectly. The latter rendition is just as distant from the electronic status quo as the folk flare that’s inspired it. It’s Tim’s ‘Reggae’ remix, and it gives “Wake Me Up” yet another bright color for its palette.

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Avicii Speed Remix)

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Reggae Remix)

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