Cazzette remixes Katy Perry’s hit single ‘Roar’Ultra Weekend 1 Cazzette

Cazzette remixes Katy Perry’s hit single ‘Roar’

It’s only been the number one song on charts, the most played track in radio rotation, and the successor that’s overthrown summer anthems “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky,” but Katy Perry’s “Roar” is only now being remixed at the hands of dance music producers. Coming as a well overdue rework, Swedish duo Cazzette┬átake a swing at Perry’s smash hit. The “Beam Me Up” masterminds are no strangers to pop amplification, boasting a track record that includes work for Bruno Mars, Jay Z and Kanye West. On their “Roar” remix, Alex and Seb call on their beloved sound that won over fans on day one — a quirky brand of dub-house that electrifies the pop ballads and injects a funky sound beneath the vocal hooks.

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