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Daleri celebrate inaugural Dalerious offering with mix and exclusive interview

Between dropping a straight flush of modern electro gems and unleashing one of 2013’s most widely discussed mixes, Swedish duo Daleri have proven a force to reckoned with on the European front. Matching festival primed sensibility with their own stubborn yet melodic take on the peak time sound scope, their short but sparing discography has gone to show that even amid a cultural storm, a popular sound can be given an original twist. Debuting on their own Dalierious imprint this month with latest single “Hysteria,” Daleri offered DA an exclusive mix and a few words on the journey so far for Scandinavia’s own electro house paradigm.

Talk us through your experience of cutting your teeth as a duo in Sweden. Was it a positive place for you guys to find your feet?

Yes definitely! There is no better place than Sweden nowadays. It’s such a small country and still we manage to produce the best DJs and the best girls in the world. You could probably call Sweden paradise, but for some reason someone decided to give us the worst weather ever. It has to be said though, this summer was the best we have had in 50 years.

Your sound has looked to challenge the barriers of a somewhat oversubscribed sound. How do you feel about the way your sound has developed to date and do you believe that generally the market for electro house has become a little saturated a stale?

The day we decided to start Daleri we agreed that we had to challenge our productions and ourselves. We’ve always tried to stand out from the crowd and make sure we’re delivering quality before quantity. It’s a good feeling knowing that you are not jumping on the bandwagon, but it’s still kind of hard to do something genuinely unique. In terms of the market, there is always going to be ups and downs, but that is just a part of the progression. The music supply is big right now and the demand needs to either match that or be greater than the supply, just like any other business.

You recently turned a lot of heads with the Epic Mashleg and seem to have made a lot of people think long and hard about the Beatport top 100. What was your motive behind this and were you at all worried by the implications of putting so many artists on the spot?

The motive for doing the Mashleg was very simple – we wanted to make a satire of todays trend. It was mainly something we did for fun and not because we wanted to judge people or a whole musical genre. We wanted to do something more than just a simple tweet/post. People have been talking and thinking about it for a while so we thought why not make the point in musical format. If this will make artists and producers think about what they do then that makes us more than happy.  We know that all the producers work very hard, and we respect many of them for it, so we were not worried about the implications.

The release of “Hysteria” marks your debut release under your own imprint Dalerious. What was the motive behind adding this element to your joint careers and was the prospect of digital music’s relatively bleak future a concern for you guys upon embarking on the project?

For us it was about building something that fitted our brand whilst taking control of our own label. Dalerious seemed like a natural step towards that bigger picture. It’s going to be a sick platform for us and other talented producers to release epic tracks. The team behind the label is amazing and we cannot wait to press forward with the project.

How do you both see your sound as having developed from earlier singles “Enroute” to Dalerious debut “Hysteria”?

Our tracks have developed from being a slightly more progressive sound to that which you can hear today, which fits the main room audience. It still has the same vibe, but it’s a lot heavier. To our longer listeners be sure to know that more of our core sound will come out on some of our upcoming tracks as well.

What has been the most challenging element of your careers to date and why?

The biggest challenge has definitely been our development as producers. We have always tried to make something new, fresh and funky but still do what is at the core of us as Daleri.

What can we expect from you both for the remainder of 2013?

If we may say so ourselves, we have got some sick tunes that will see the light of day soon. We also have a lot of upcoming gigs across Europe and then we will also be focusing on the development of Dalerious. More close to home, the music video for “Hysteria” is enroute and it is looking absolutely crazy.

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