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Dancing Astronaut Auditions: Episode 2

Welcome back to Dancing Astronaut Auditions! Between Burning Man and Electric Zoo, this second installment got a bit delayed, but we think it’s well worth the wait. The following five tracks were some of the best we received since our last edition. Please continue to send your unsigned original mixes to auditions@dancingastronaut.com!

1. Cavaro – Dream (Original Mix)

Hailing from Colombia, Cavaro caught our attention with his well-crafted melodies and ear for arrangement on this big room progressive house number.

2. Edapollo – Sundancer (Original Mix)

British producer Edapollo’s lovely chillwave track “Sundancer” recalls Boards of Canada with its minimal rhythmic elements, understated harmonies and creative use of samples.

3. Hello Beddo – Exit at Yemassee

Washington-based producer Hello Beddo’s “Exit at Yemassee” stood out for its euphoric glitch vocals and well-executed half-time breakdown.

4. The Casa Brothers – Here For You Ft. Keith Cooper (Original Mix)

Miami’s Casa Brothers get extra credit for featuring the alto and tenor saxophone talents of ArtOfficial’s Keith Cooper on this bouncy tech-inspired tune.

5. Bamboora & Oddjob – As of Now (Original Mix)

Bamboora & Oddjob’s “As of Now” made the cut due to its balanced blend of well-produced elements and rollicking electro house drop.

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