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Electric Zoo 2013: updated refund information for credit card holders

Representatives from the Electric Zoo camp have posted refund updates for those who attended the 2013 festival. As before, those who bought a 3-day weekend pass will receive a 33% refund, and those who bought only Sunday passes will receive a full refund. However, the most recent development, via the Electric Zoo Facebook page, explains that they are currently attempting to refund those who purchased tickets with credit cards. In some cases, “certain security-driven restrictions and regulations prohibit us from issuing a refund to a credit card…in these instances we are issuing refunds in the form of a check made out to the name on the order, and mailed to the billing address on the order. All checks will be sent out via US mail.” More information after the break.

The information that follows, detailing the potential issues with the credit cards, comes directly from Electric Zoo:

– Our credit card processor does not store data for transactions beyond 120 days, and we don’t store credit card numbers at all. These are security measures designed to protect your credit card data. If you made your purchase more than 120 days ago, we don’t have the ability to issue a refund to your card.

– We are restricted from issuing a refund that is greater than the initial amount charged. If you paid using a Payment Plan, this prevents us from being able to issue a refund directly to your card.

– If your card is expired or your account is closed, we are unable to issue a refund directly to your card.

Another update next week from their Facebook page will explain when checks will arrive.

All other issues can be directed to the ticket support page at http://support.frontgatetickets.com/customer/portal/emails/new or you can call 888-512-SHOW.