Empire Of The Sun – DNA (The Aston Shuffle Remix) [Preview]The Aston Shuffle Remi

Empire Of The Sun – DNA (The Aston Shuffle Remix) [Preview]

Versatile indie-dance duo The Aston Shuffle are back this month with official remix duties for Empire of the Sun’s latest single “DNA.” The track follows a steady run of successful releases for the pair, with prior singles “Comfortable” and “Can’t Stop Now” significantly upping the ante en route to their impending debut album. Rallying a firm yet infectious streak of their dialed back formula for universal electronica, the Aston’s stay true to form for this high-profile remix, fusing the original’s radio-friendly topline to an otherwise unadulterated snapshot of the infectious properties their studio work continues to muster. With remodels of this caliber in tow, the road to their hotly anticipated first album is sure to solidify their stance as one of Australia’s hottest electronic dance exports of late.

Purchase: Beatport (September 24)

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