Feed Me releases ‘Rat Trap’ ahead of ‘Calamari Tuesday’Feed Me Calamari Tuesday

Feed Me releases ‘Rat Trap’ ahead of ‘Calamari Tuesday’

After setting the EDM world spinning by announcing he would take a break from touring to focus on producing, Feed Me is nearly ready to show the fruits of his tour bus-free labor. A 15-track album is the consolation prize for fans missing the live experience, and with an October 14th release date on his own brand new Sotte Voce label, the first single from Calamari Tuesday has officially hit shelves.

Die-hard fans will recognize “Rat Trap” from the producer’s Essential Mix last fall, but with a full minute more than the BBC snippet, the tune proved worth the wait. Ominous, slightly trappy and as technically sound as we’ve come to expect from the toothy green monster, the tune shows that touring or no touring, we all win when his alter ego gets studio time.

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1. Orion (Original Mix)
2. Death By Robot (Original Mix)
3. Lonely Mountain (Original Mix)
4. Feed Me featuring Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)
5. Rat Trap (Original Mix)
6. Dazed (Original Mix)
7. Feed Me featuring Yadi – Ophelia (Original Mix)
8. In The Bin (Original Mix)
9. Chinchilla (Original Mix)
10. Fiasco (Original Mix)
11. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Original Mix)
12. Short Skirt (Original Mix)
13. No Grip (Original Mix)
14. Onstuh (Original Mix)
15. Last Requests featuring Jenna G (Original Mix)

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