Fool’s Gold brings a wide array of sounds and styles to Chattahoochee HillsAtrakfoolsgold

Fool’s Gold brings a wide array of sounds and styles to Chattahoochee Hills

The traveling circus known as the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse touches down on Saturday of TomorrowWorld, bringing with it the same hip-hop infused, cutting edge style that A-Trak’s Brooklyn-based label is known for. One of the most unique and forward-thinking labels in dance music, the Fool’s Gold family prides itself on an outside-of-the-box style that boasts artists across a variety of genres. From trap, to electro to techno and everything in between Fool’s Golds day 2 jaunt in Chattahoochee Hills is a must see stop for any fans who’ve grown tired of Main Stage banality. While many stages boast sounds outside of the generally accepted norm, Fool’s Gold throws back to a simpler time when the funk was unprecedented, the grit unabashed and the party center stage. If you find the underground too yawn-inducing and the festival drops of Main Stage too predictable then the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse should be your new home this weekend. With performances from Anna Lunoe, Araabmuzik, RL Grime, Fake Blood, Bag Raiders and more,  A-Trak’s brainchild is the shining example of both energy and integrity. It’s the cornerstone of all that is refreshing and interesting in electronic music today, a shining example of utilizing experimentation while appealing to the sensibilities of any dance music fan.

From the speed-freaked launchpad mastery of Araabmuzik to Codes funky New York style, the Fool’s Gold Clubhouse stage’s style is hard to define (and thats a great thing). There are the Bag Raiders, whose 2010 self-titled album played a definitive role in the early “blog-house” scene, while newcomer Anna Lunoe’s sultry deep house will play in stark contrast to Style of Eye’s fiercely energetic electro.

With RL Grime representing the burgeoning trap scene and Fake Blood repping tried-and-true techno, there is no shortage of sonic candy to fill up your earholes. Plus A-Trak actually DJs, and no one is going to scoff at that.

The full Fool’s Gold stage lineup is as follows:

RL Grime
Fake Blood
Treasure Fingers
Bag Raiders
Style of Eye
Nick Catchdubs
Anna Lunoe