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Get dirty at TomorrowWorld’s dirtybird stage

My affinity for Claude VonStroke and the dirtybird crew is not a particularly well kept secret, so it should come as no surprise that out of all 15 stages at TomorrowWorld my focus is on this one. The stage itself is small, hosting only nine DJs throughout its one day tenure, but what it lacks in physicality and artist quantity it will undoubtedly make up for in sound and quality. Attendees should expect bone-rattling bass and rhythm so enticing even Christopher Reeve couldn’t sit still. The stage will kick off with Justin Jay and close out with label head and lead dirtybird Claude VonStroke. Ten hours with the dirtybird misfits isn’t a terrible way to spend a Sunday — for some it might even be ideal — but TomorrowWorld is a festival meant for exploration. Sticking to one stage would be a massive waste of the experience, but so too would missing the dirtybird stage entirely.

As I’ve said before, dirtybird produces some of the most accessible underground releases of the mostly unaccessible genre, making it the perfect initiator for an underground conversion. Make sure to squeeze a healthy dose of booty bass into your day. Dancing Astronaut’s recommended serving falls somewhere between two and three hours or at least two sets.

Full dirtybird stage Lineup:

Claude VonStroke


Justin Martin



George Fitzgerald

J. Phlip

French Fries

Justin Jay



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